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We are not just the typical neighborhood bike shop!

Service Department

Anything from custom built bikes to simple flat tires, our service department can do it. Highly specialized tools and the technique and knowledge to use them are available for your service needs.

Free Service Contract
With every new bicycle sold, we offer a free service contract (a $160 value) to make sure you and your new bike are getting along as well as possible!

If your requirements are specific enough to not be met by our extensive product line, be sure and tell us. We can have custom framesets built and equipped to your specs. From comfy round-the-block bikes to competitive racing machines, all are in our repertoire.

Unfortunately, things do sometimes go wrong. If you are a particularly demanding rider, or your bike just has a little accident, things can break. This is never any fun and we want to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. From flat tires to major failures, if something goes wrong, we will be there. Bring it in and we will restore your bike to optimum health.

Experienced mechanics examine your machine, recommending repairs to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Minor tweaks and major upgrades, we can do it all. We can offer you expert advice and the tools you need if you plan to do it yourself.

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