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Bicycles are what its all about

We stock most popular brands and styles. If you have any specific requests, call or come by. If we don't have it, we can get it! New & used!




Set up the bike to fit you.

Basic Fitting: - $65.00

Free Service Contract
With every new bike sold, you may have four general services FREE for a year following purchase. If any additional repairs are needed, you receive 10% off any additional labor during the same period. All parts are additional.
A $240 value

What bike is best for you?

All-Terrain -
Ride the most difficult trails and pot holes with ease. Dual suspension bicycles provide control and comfort. Super-low gearing for climbing.

Road -
Fast long distance street riding with aerodynamic, efficient position. Recreational riders use a more relaxed frame geometry than those who like to race.

Time Trial/Road Racing -
Designed for slicing through the air quickly. Very light, precision bicycles with highly specialized wheels and frames. Very unique looking.

Hybrid/Commuter -
Upright bars, wider tires, suspension for comfort. Designed for casual neighborhood rides, occasional off-road rides on packed dirt trails. Dual suspension models for comfort.

Track -
Very light, single gear direct-drive bike used in track riding at Alkek Velodrome.

Recumbent -
Low-slung bicycle featuring a relaxing chair-like seat.

Folding Bicycle -
Fold, bag and carry. Can be a tandem or single bicycle, usually with 20" wheels, sometimes with suspension for comfort.

Tandem - Bicycle built for two, any style. Take apart tandem frames for convenient tracking.

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